Thursday, July 1, 2010

Great America Pizza Orleans Review

We had decided to add Pizza Orleans to the list of the many stops on the Bay Area Pizza Tour Stop while we were at Great America celebrating Beth's birthday. Beth ofcourse is the mastermind behind the tour. Pizza Orleans was added because it's a place reminiscent of our childhood. As young adolescents we found ourselves here often as it provided a meal that was kid-friendly, delicious and affordable. With Season Passes, we found ourselves here a lot. So reliving our childhood was an ulterior motive to 1) satisfying our hunger and 2) Reviewing yet another stop on the Pizza Tour.

So my thoughts...
The pizzas were simple as they provide the simple everyday pleasures of pizza. There were no fancy gourmet toppings, no stuffed crusts, no deep dish, no super thin. Just good old regular pizza. As you can see from the pictures in the previous post we stuck to traditional pepperoni and a meat lover's that had pepperoni, sausage and salami (I believe). The pies weren't too oily as one might expect from joints like this. I did find the crust to be a bit bread-y though. Overall, it just satisfied the pizza cravings.

Next time I'm at Great America, I'm going to eat at the Fried Chicken joint, another staple there which I've never tried before.

I'm glad we got a chance to visit Great America with our parents whom bought us our first slices as kids. We don't get that opportunity very often but it was nice to just enjoy it once again with them.

My rating: 3 out of 5 slices!!

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