Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zachary's Review

Pictures have been posted for Zachary's! See post below...

Here's what I thought of it...

I LOVED the thin crust pizza. We got the Thin pizza with sausage only. I had 2 slices and it was HEAVEN. The mozzarella was fresh and so yummy straight out of the oven. Their ranch dressing was soooo good. YUM-O!

As far as the deep dish is concerned, I didn't eat the deep dish! Gasp! I know. I went there for the deep dish, BUT when I saw that they had thin crust pizza, I had to eat that...

I guess Chicago Deep Dish is a different type of pizza, one that I am not accustomed to. I did like seeing the stewed(?) tomatoes on top of the pizza. I love tomatoes, so I was excited seeing it. The only bad thing is that we got the Canadian Bacon, and that saltiness overpowered the tomatoes. (I just ate some of the topping that fell off one of the slices.)

With 3 people and 2 pizzas, we had a lot leftover... So I'm going to have a slice of the deep dish for lunch, as well as a slice of thin. That should satisfy my craving. I also have 2 containers of ranch dressing from Zachary's.

I'll let you know what I think of the pizza as leftovers. Sometimes i like pizza the second day... Let's hope it's the same for Zachary's!

My one gripe is that Zachary's did not have appetizers to order. With a 30-35 min wait for deep dish, appies would have been good. We did get a Caesar Salad, and that held us over...but maybe some fried zucchini would have been good.

Zachary's San Ramon Pics

Zachary's San Ramon
3110 Crow Canyon Place
San Ramon, CA 94583
(925) 244-1222
Thin Pizza with Sausage...our control pizza at every stop on the tour.
Chicago Deep dish is what Zachary's is known for. This had bacon and zucchini.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Zachary's San Ramon

We're eating dinner at Zachary's in San Ramon tonight.

Be there or be square.

Deep dish, here we come!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

where to next?

Hmm... Things have been a little quiet here on the pizza tour. Well, there is a good reason for that! I was down in the OC (fullerton to be exact!) and participated in a Tahitian dance competition. Now, pizza was no where near the menu for the weekend because we had to fit into our costumes LOL, but believe you me... after we competed (and won!) all of these visions of food danced in my head. You see, I didn't eat much the day of the competition...I just had the breakfast buffet at like 8 am, then a banana before we went on to compete around 4 pm. It was SO hot in the back hallway where we were waiting and sewing the last of our costumes...then when we went out to perform, the heat just escalated and I swear it was like 150 degrees or something. We went through the routine and at one point I thought I was gonna pass out. EEKS... But I didn't. I messed up at one point, but just trudged along to finish the routine.

Fun Times.

Anyway- once we were all back to our hotel, we wanted to go eat. I craved so many different things: Steak, Pasta, Sushi, then PIZZA. I didn't get to eat Pizza, because there weren't many restaurant options across from our hotel. So we settled for the Habit Burger. And my burger was delish!

I need to satisfy this pizza craving. Should I wait for the next Pizza tour destination? Or should I just grab some pizza, pizza (lil caesar's)?

Or hmmm. Maybe the next pizza tour stop will be more local... Yellow Cab Pizza, anyone?

That sounds like a plan!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cicero's- San Jose

My friend Chi took me out one day to one of her favorite Pizza joints in San Jose- Cicero's.

As I was biting into my slice of sausage pizza, I was taken back to my younger days and was reminded of Totino's frozen pizza. You know, the pizza that used to be on sale all the time... 2 for $1! woohoo!

Anyway- this was a more adult version of Cicero's and I think the big clincher is that they ground their sausage so there is ground sausage in every bite. YUM-O!

The pic you see up top is of their Baker's Pride pizza.

My recommendations:
Baker's pride (if you like bell peppers and mushrooms (yech)

And make sure you ask for it to be well done (at least that's the way that I like it!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pizza Orgasmica- San Francisco

Michael, Izza, My Bro Jon, Junior, Zara and I made the trek out to San Francisco to try out Pizza Orgasmica.

I was first introduced to Pizza Orgasmica back in November when a sorority sister took us there for some late night eats. At that time, I did not want to eat pizza at 2 am, so the girls who were hungry ran in and got themselves some pizza. When they returned to the car, the smell just filled the car and I found myself regretting not ordering a slice. They let me have a couple of bites and I was in Heaven.

So when we decided to have a 2010 Pizza tour, I knew we needed to go to pizza O. When I asked for recommendations for pizza places via facebook, Pizza O was recommended.

So we went.

And we were happy we did!

On a nice San Francisco day, we walked to Pizza O and ordered Cheesy Garlic bread, Pizza Orgasmica, and The girl from Ipanema pizza.

The Pizza Orgasmica: Pepperoni, Salami, Sausage, Mushrooms, Onions, Bell peppers
The Girl from Ipanema: The one and only Brazilian style chicken, corn & bianca cheese

Pizza Orgasmica did not disappoint! I should have ordered a slice of the pepperoni or just a slice of sausage because I love simple pizza, but I was very happy with our pizza choices. The Girl from Ipanema pizza sounds a little kooky, but it was very delicious and I did not feel like we were eating pizza!

Worth the drive! :)


So... We've embarked on a journey to find the best pizza places in Northern California.

It started with a thin crust pizza at Cicero's in San Jose. It takes like Totino's pizza for Adults!

We've been to Cicero's and Pizza Orgasmica so far, so be on the lookout for our reviews of those places...

Other places to visit:
777 pizza
San Carlos Speederia Pizzeria
New York Pizza - Pleasanton
A Slice of New York

Know of a good pizza joint that we should visit?