Tuesday, June 22, 2010

where to next?

Hmm... Things have been a little quiet here on the pizza tour. Well, there is a good reason for that! I was down in the OC (fullerton to be exact!) and participated in a Tahitian dance competition. Now, pizza was no where near the menu for the weekend because we had to fit into our costumes LOL, but believe you me... after we competed (and won!) all of these visions of food danced in my head. You see, I didn't eat much the day of the competition...I just had the breakfast buffet at like 8 am, then a banana before we went on to compete around 4 pm. It was SO hot in the back hallway where we were waiting and sewing the last of our costumes...then when we went out to perform, the heat just escalated and I swear it was like 150 degrees or something. We went through the routine and at one point I thought I was gonna pass out. EEKS... But I didn't. I messed up at one point, but just trudged along to finish the routine.

Fun Times.

Anyway- once we were all back to our hotel, we wanted to go eat. I craved so many different things: Steak, Pasta, Sushi, then PIZZA. I didn't get to eat Pizza, because there weren't many restaurant options across from our hotel. So we settled for the Habit Burger. And my burger was delish!

I need to satisfy this pizza craving. Should I wait for the next Pizza tour destination? Or should I just grab some pizza, pizza (lil caesar's)?

Or hmmm. Maybe the next pizza tour stop will be more local... Yellow Cab Pizza, anyone?

That sounds like a plan!

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