Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cicero's- San Jose

My friend Chi took me out one day to one of her favorite Pizza joints in San Jose- Cicero's.

As I was biting into my slice of sausage pizza, I was taken back to my younger days and was reminded of Totino's frozen pizza. You know, the pizza that used to be on sale all the time... 2 for $1! woohoo!

Anyway- this was a more adult version of Cicero's and I think the big clincher is that they ground their sausage so there is ground sausage in every bite. YUM-O!

The pic you see up top is of their Baker's Pride pizza.

My recommendations:
Baker's pride (if you like bell peppers and mushrooms (yech)

And make sure you ask for it to be well done (at least that's the way that I like it!)

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