Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zachary's Review

Pictures have been posted for Zachary's! See post below...

Here's what I thought of it...

I LOVED the thin crust pizza. We got the Thin pizza with sausage only. I had 2 slices and it was HEAVEN. The mozzarella was fresh and so yummy straight out of the oven. Their ranch dressing was soooo good. YUM-O!

As far as the deep dish is concerned, I didn't eat the deep dish! Gasp! I know. I went there for the deep dish, BUT when I saw that they had thin crust pizza, I had to eat that...

I guess Chicago Deep Dish is a different type of pizza, one that I am not accustomed to. I did like seeing the stewed(?) tomatoes on top of the pizza. I love tomatoes, so I was excited seeing it. The only bad thing is that we got the Canadian Bacon, and that saltiness overpowered the tomatoes. (I just ate some of the topping that fell off one of the slices.)

With 3 people and 2 pizzas, we had a lot leftover... So I'm going to have a slice of the deep dish for lunch, as well as a slice of thin. That should satisfy my craving. I also have 2 containers of ranch dressing from Zachary's.

I'll let you know what I think of the pizza as leftovers. Sometimes i like pizza the second day... Let's hope it's the same for Zachary's!

My one gripe is that Zachary's did not have appetizers to order. With a 30-35 min wait for deep dish, appies would have been good. We did get a Caesar Salad, and that held us over...but maybe some fried zucchini would have been good.

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